I am a photographer, surfer, superfood junkie, born and raised in the beautiful city of Cape Town.  I spent 7 years in the local film industry working as a cinematographer. During that time I shot many commercials, a handful of documentaries, Short Films and a Feature.  But I always had a pull and strong fascination toward the still-image.  Although, considered lucky to be working consistently as a director of photography, I found myself becoming creatively stifled, within a complex hierarchical Industry. 

And there came the transition to the incredible world of Still Photography.  With an eye for storytelling and the technical knowledge of light and camera gained over years of working as a DOP, allows for my versatility as a photographer, infused with a deep respect and passion for my craft.

 15 years into this journey Iā€™m consistently excited by all aspects involved in the creating of images and feel extremely fortunate to be able to follow a passion path !